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A keyword in our approach. We want to bring something new to the table and we do this by mixing experienced designers with young and innovative talent. Our philosophy is centred on the belief that creativity is born out of passion and hard work.

cutting edge
We live in a world where technology is for ever changing, where trends are constantly evolving. It can be particularly challenging for businesses and individuals to keep apace. LKG MEDIA is composed of artists whose passion and thirst for knowledge in their particular field keeps them at the front-end of technological evolution. Our customers do not have to worry about being up-to-date, and having cutting-edge products. We make it easy for them.

customer focused
The most important factor in any project is customer satisfaction. We offer our ideas, our experience, but we never lose sight of the client's wishes. Our work always prioritises our customer's input, and we set aside as much time as necessary to gather all relevant information.

We love our job and are passionate about our art. This enables us to completely dedicate ourselves to any given project. If you have a vision, we will love the challenge of making it come true.
about us

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maxMaxime Miraillet

Max started LKG Media as a desire of bringing together talented and motivated colleagues and friends. He has a first class degree in Media Art and has worked with WTN, AP, and trained with Granada TV.

mouradMourad El-Touni
Video Producer

Mourad dedicates his life to film-making. A very experienced cameraman and editor, he has directed many short movies and documentaries. His work has won many awards.
vinceVincent Ducret
Graphic director

Vincent is a talented and versatile illustrator and graphic designer . He works with traditional media as well as digital. He produces artwork for a variety of clients, most notably for Éditions Atlas.
Graphic Design
Logos, Flyers, Posters
Business Cards
Video Production
Corporate, Events
Advertising, Fiction
Website Design
Dynamic, Html & Flash
PHP Scripting
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