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bigfourA "Big Four"
One of the "Big Four", a world leader in auditing, consulting, and tax management. We design print layouts and covers for their presentation booklets.

ifmaInternational Financial Management Association
IFMA is a voluntary association with significant reach in the Geneva and Lac Léman international business community. We have designed their website, diary, and various posters and flyers.

icsICS Corporate Services
Swiss fiduciary firm, expert in financial, fiscal, accounting and human resources services for local and international companies. They have called upon us for video work and postcard designs.

casCompany Administration Services
Tax management and accounting experts based in Geneva. We designed their watermark for all stationary.

atelier floral Atelier Floral
Florist based in Carouge, Geneva. We designed their logo and stickers.

Event organiser based in Geneva. We film and edit DVDs for their events, and designed their posters and ad campaigns.

journeyman Journeyman TV
Journeyman is an online shop for documentaries and news reports. We provide them with a variety of films.



proeventsProEvent. Saskia Menke, Manager
"LKG MEDIA have delivered inspired design work on-time and on spec. Their style and attention to detail are impeccable. They do what they say they will do, and communicate well. We look forward to more projects with them."

proeventsIFMA. John Campbell, President

"LKG MEDIA gave IFMA an innovative and thoughtful design that captured our needs and sensibility very well. They are professional, fast, friendly, and it has been a real pleasure to work with them."
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