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ilonise solutionIlonise Solutions
A software specialist and Internet application developer, ILONISE's partnership has been key in developing extensive CMS databases and E-commerce websites.

moonkeyMoonkey Studio
MOONKEY is an incredibly creative graphic design studio. They asssist us with illustrations and digital painting.

trusinsTrusins Productions
Award-winning production company which specialises in documentary film-making. TRUSINS has collaborated with us on a number of video productions, in Europe and Africa.

A 3D design expert with extensive experience in modeling. C3RB3RE has designed intricate graphics for us such as logos and special effects in our video productions.

pixipop Silversatsuma
Renowned photography studio based in Geneva which specialises in corporate and event photography.



proeventsIlonise. Faycal Bouanini, Manager
" Building a strong working partnership with LKG MEDIA has been key in streamlining our production process, and has helped us maximise our strengths. The creativity and commitment they display is second to none"

proeventsC3RB3RE. Etienne Ducret, Manager

"Working with LKG MEDIA is an incredibly enriching experience. We share our knowledge and passion for digital arts, thus constantly evolving together. I look forward to every project with work together on."
Graphic Design
Logos, Flyers, Posters
Business Cards
Video Production
Corporate, Events
Advertising, Fiction
Website Design
Dynamic, Html & Flash
PHP Scripting
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