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83rd Geneva International Motor Show 2013

Video montage of various cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2013

Geneva Motorshow 2013thumbnail

Join the Chefs

Video clip for an event organised by the Starling Hotel, Geneva

Nile Crayfish Invasionthumbnail

Nile Crayfish Invasion

News report about the crayfish invasion of the Nile river, Egypt

Nile Crayfish Invasionthumbnail


Fly-on-the-wall documentary about a Bedouin tribe in Sinaï, Egypt

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Combat des Reines

News report covering the annual cow-fighting tournament in Valais, Switzerland

Combat des Reinesthumbnail

Bouilleurs de Cru

News report covering a traditional and soon-to-be exctinct profession in France

Bouilleurs de Cru thumbnail

Aubes Musicales

News report on a unique dawn music festival in Geneva, Switzerland

Aubes Musicalesthumbnail
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